When Bygones Aren’t Bygones

Introducing two mysteries hinging on deadly secrets from the past. French native Johana Gustawsson, now married to a Swede and living in London, co-authored the bestselling On se retrouvera, whose television adaptation in 2015 drew over 7 million viewers. Block 46 is her unforgettable solo debut, set in present-day Sweden and London, and in Buchenwald in 1944. Can a profiler and a true-crime writer discover what links deaths in different countries to one of the most horrific tragedies of the past? Clare Carson’s The Dark Isle, set in Orkney, finds Sam, daughter of an undercover agent who was killed in the line of duty, struggling to piece together the puzzle of his past. Clare, an anthropologist and international development specialist working in human rights, is herself the daughter of an undercover policeman. Chaired by Craig Sisterson.

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Johana Gustawsson

Clare Carson

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