Criminal Portraits: Exhibition Talk with Phil Astley

Friday 22 February 3pm
Central Library FREE

Archives contain stories, real-life stories. The experiences of the wealthy, the wicked, the exceptional and the very ordinary can be found, often in minute detail amongst the letters, ledgers, minute books and official records that have been kept for their historical value. City Archivist, Phil Astley, will highlight some of the original and fascinating sources relating to crimes and misdemeanours that are available at Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives.

Criminal Portraits – Nineteenth Century Mugshots from Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 February
Central Library/Lemon Tree FREE

Within the records of Grampian Police held by Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives is an album containing nearly 2000 mugshots of criminals incarcerated at HM General Prison, Perth in the early 1880s. Each of these spellbinding sepia images is accompanied by a card containing personal details of the individuals and the crime they had committed. Together, they hint at stories of hard lives, poverty and desperation.