Publish and Perish

Think publishing is a genteel pursuit? Think again! Meet three novelists whose compelling tales are set in the cutthroat world of books. Louise Hutcheson’s debut, The Paper Cell, examines the deadly potential of literary envy — and its bitter, lifelong aftertaste. In The Night Visitor, by Lucy Atkins, a high-flying telly presenter and bestselling historian is tormented by her socially awkward researcher, who is privy to the most dangerous secret of her career. Sarah Stovell’s Exquisite is a claustrophobic psychological thriller about obsessive love, featuring one writer at the top of her game, and another still dreaming of success. Each of these novels asks: How far would you go to save your reputation? Or make it? Chaired by Claire Ward.

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Louise Hutcheson

Lucy Atkins

Sarah Stovell

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