Poirot Perseveres: Sophie Hannah

Sunday 24 February 4pm – 5pm
Lemon Tree Studio £10.50

In 2014, with the blessing of Agatha Christie’s family and estate, internationally bestselling author Sophie Hannah revived the career of Hercule Poirot with The Monogram Murders. Her second Poirot novel, Closed Casket, was an instant Sunday Times top ten bestseller. Now, in The Mystery of Three Quarters, Poirot grapples with a poison pen campaign mounted in his name, and a mysterious stranger called Barnabas Pandy. Who is he? Is he dead? Was it murder?

Sophie will talk about her lifelong love of Agatha Christie, and describe how she got inside the author’s mind to bring everyone’s favourite Belgian back to life.

“Infused with such love and energy… Poirot is exactly as Christie created him, with a vitality that recalls her very best novels.”—Daily Telegraph

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