Gothic Game Changers: ES Thomson and Alex Reeve

Sunday 24 February 12pm – 1pm
Lemon Tree Studio £9.50

Think you know Victorian Britain? If the words “multicultural,” “racially diverse,” and “gender fluidity” don’t spring to mind, it’s time to rethink your history.

ES Thomson’s Jem Flockhart series features a woman in disguise in a man’s world. The Blood, finds the apothecary investigating a death on a hospital ship where prejudice, ambition and murder seethe the beneath a veneer of medical respectability. Chris Brookmyre said: “Jem Flockhart’s London is vivid, pungent and perilous.” Thomson has a PhD in the social history of medicine, and tries to fit as much medical history into her books as possible.

The House on Half Moon Street launches Alex Reeve’s series featuring Leo Stanhope—chess player, coroner’s assistant, transgender sleuth. When the love of his life is murdered and he’s accused of killing her, Leo must find out the truth—even if it means risking everything. Red magazine said, “Each page carries the whiff of sulphur and gaslight.”

Chaired by Alex Clark.

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