Globe-Trotting Thrillers

Award-winning investigative journalist Holly Watt helped break the parliamentary expenses scandal. With To the Lions she takes us on a breakneck journey from a London nightclub to the glitz of St Tropez, and the deserts of Libya—and into the darkest corners of the human mind, following star reporter Casey Benedict as she investigates an apparent suicide that isn’t all it seems.

In D.B. John’s Star of the North — already being called the year’s timeliest thriller—the US and North Korea are again on the brink of war. When an American woman disappears from a South Korean island, the CIA recruit her twin sister to uncover the truth, sending her deep into the world’s most deadly state. D.B. John has lived in South Korea, and is one of the few Western tourists to have visited North Korea. His expertise makes this a terrifyingly authentic glimpse into one of the world’s most clandestine military regimes.

Chaired by Lee Randall.

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