Breathtaking Thrillers

Set in Reykjavik, against the backdrop of the financial crash and the volcanic eruption, Snare is the fast-paced, chilling tale of a desperate mother caught up in a world of ruthless criminality. Lilja Sigurdaróttir is a star in her native Iceland, but Snare, the first in her Reykjavik Noir trilogy, is her first novel to be translated into English. It’s already an international bestseller, with film rights sold to Palomar Pictures. Catherine Ryan Howard’s compelling thriller, The Liar’s Girl, takes us to Dublin, where the emergence of a copy-cat serial killer forces a young woman to return to the homeland — and identity — she abandoned, and confront her worst nightmare. Ryan’s debut, Distress Signals, was an Irish Times and USA Today bestseller, shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger 2017. It won Best Mystery at the US Independent Press Awards.

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Lilja Sigurdaróttir

Catherine Ryan Howard




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